The Wanderings of the Brigade of Fire and Steel

Boats and Dragons
Don't Mix

So, I am pleasently buzzed, and here to explain what happeneds. Firstoffs, vwee are travelings by barge back to the coast to be meetings ups vwith the Dwarfman and Lobo’s fleet. Hunfortunately, this has requirings us to be on zjee boats. I have not likings boats. Hanyways, there is some tacticings, and is getting lates, but we decide hwee are better offs beings in town iff we get attacked, and so we press on to zjee twilights, when we notice smoke and flames up ahead.

This feels my heart with joyous and warmth, but it turns out is bad thing as the port we were planning to rest in is leetle beet on fires. It wasn’t me, but two dragons circling above. Nate tried doings omething, but I think zat djust peesed them offs, and so they start circling tovard us trying to figure out what we are. They not seeings very good, so they try breathing fire, but I don’t want them to see, so I say, “Bitches, no.” and snaping my fingers and put out there flames.

This makes them veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery angry. In the name of my god, I stand upon the most inflammable cargo on the highly inflammable boat, and I challenge these evil stupid flying lizards that think they know what fire is to come get me and my hammer, and they take the challenge because they are big and dumb, and I ham drunk. Not during fight, only now. Dragons… Right!, killings them. Except, want to know secret? Come closer, Hi tells you…

STUPID FUCKING ELF KEELS THEM INSTEAD. Stupid helf, and stupid Nate, steal my righteous kills because the stupid fuckings dragons knocked over into the beer instead of fighting me like monsters.

Hanyways, happarently they were zombies or something too? а ну чики брики… Anyway, I turn off fire in town, and next day we are fixings and improvings of crane for dock and now are under employ of Dwarfman hand Lobo.

I might be a leetledrunk. Hai am not leetle, for record. I am very big man of hammerings things. ANOTHER ROUND.

Necromancer's Notes
Dragon Findings

One black dragon
1 pound of bone
3 vials of blood
2 scales

More time will be needed to harvest additional materials.
Must check in with resident apothecaries in Olympia to work on healing salves and fire pots

Check with smiths, they might have pitch

The Adventure's Log update
under new leadership

How does Hammig do this? I am not use to being a leader… I am use to following. Two dragons… I think that’s what they were. I couldn’t really tell… Too damn dark to see. But I wonder if I made the right choice… Everyone was tired when we faced them… But I think the port would not be there if we did rest before… I am just glad no one died… I don’t want that in my conscious. I need to remind myself to stock up on more healing potions… We need to prepare for when Rika can’t heal… or wants to go on the offensive. I also better find my armor in the morning… Hammig cut it off of me because I was being baked alive in it from what he says… I think I was too close to him… Ah… I am stressed out… But I must do this mission I agreed upon… I hope when we get to Olympia would be the time we need to unwind and relax. For now, I better get Creena to help me find my armor… her eye for shiny may be what I need at the moment in the morning.

Bestest Day Ever!!!
Party like it's kenderhome

Today was the very very bestest day ever! After a long long time of planning it the party happened! See I was told I could donate something that is a reminder of home to the soldiers in the cave, and what is more a reminder of home than a party like only Kenderhome knows how to throw.

My friend Brenna and her sister Ciara’s people came even, and and they all wore funny hats just like I said, because this was a funny hat party. and my other friends, they made sure the hats sparkled. My new bard friends they brought their friends and played all night long. EVERYONE was happy and smiling and had fun!!

My group even says we can do this EVERY year! I will make honest kender out of them yet! It wasn’t a kenderhome level party, buut we did kenderconga through the town, and I got to dance all night. Another kender even came and he threw sparkly dust on everyone! Oh and Lobo, and Liad, and Killian, and the emporer, and the inquisitor and EVERYONE came. And htere was a parade, and mock battles, and races, and dancing and music and games and it was awesome.

Mr. Kitty, she doesn’t like that much party, she played hide and seek all night, but my friend Fred the rock, and Billy my wargoat both had lots of lots of fun.

Next up, it’s the clean up party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Beginning
A Brief Recap of Adventures Past

Brenna the Human Ranger, Osrika the Human(?) Cleric of Myrkel, Nate the Halfling wannabeRanger, Kreena the Kender, and at least two others whos identities are lost to time, were hired as a team to track down and eliminate the source of bugbear? raids. The adventurers tracked them through the forest, and eventually found, cleared, and took over the Forest Keep the bugbears had been using. With the Keep under new management, local villagers began frequenting the place, helping to give the small fortress a new life, and it wasn’t long before the Keep became a center for trade in the area.

As of last recollection, the keep had a smithy, a Mage/Alchemy tower, a library, living quarters for the party, a training field, and a market within it’s walls. Beyond the Keep and in the forest, the Halfling has placed an unknown number of hidden blinds and supply caches. From this fortified base of operations, the party ran several more missions, during one of which the Kender lost an arm to a trap. Luckily, Osrika, the somewhat disquieting Cleric was able to reattach the limb and save her life.

Since then, the party’s mage has left, the partiy’s dwarf has left, and the Kender has moved somewhere with shinnier toys. In their place, a Half-Elven Fighter, and Drace, the Fighter / Blacksmith have joined up and well proven themselves in and out of battle.

For a time, the party split up on individual jobs, but met back up on the frontlines of a skirmish near Lord Bart’s keep…

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