Nate Troublemaker

Short, quick, and incredibly confident


Level 10 Fighter (Master Ranger)
Halfling (Plainsfolk)
3’6" / 65lbs

STR: 12
DEX: 19
CON: 10
INT: 12
WIS: 15
CHA: 9

Weapon Proficiencies:
Axe, Hand / Throwing (Specialist)
Composite Short Bow (Expert / Chosen Weapon / Specialist)
Knife, Throwing
Sang Kauw

Vanya the Eagle Owl (Ranger Companion)
Spit Fire the Hell Horse (Gift of the Gods)
Pete the Pony (A Pony)


Nate Troublemaker, son of Darren Troublemaker, isn’t. The bastard son of the renowned Halfling thief, Nate grew up with his mother among the Plainsfolk. Instead of the ‘family business’, he followed in the footsteps of the rangers, training among them. As a halfling, he could never truly be a Ranger, but that didn’t stop him from trying.

He eventually left the plains and began adventuring, where he wears the stigma of his name with pride. And because he knows that it irks his father, what with him being a respectable fighter and not a troublemaker. Despite his diminutive size, Nate is supremely confident in every bit of his combat ability, and more often than not is the one diving headfirst into the fray, usually accompanied by a gnoll warcry. After joining what would become the Fire and Steel Brigade, and capturing the Forest Keep, Nate has spent an inordinate amount of time setting up camouflaged blinds and supply caches in the forest surrounding it.

In combat, he uses his small size to his advantage, often running up taller opponents to strike at their faces. While his weapon of choice and expertise may lie with the short bow, he often feels it makes fights too easy, and defaults to his hand / throwing axes in order to make the fight fair for his opponents. He also maintains a pair of hooked swords that he uses to climb trees and catch onto opponents that try to throw him.

Recent events, such as rescuing an Arch Druid, befriending Lord Bart, clearing out a Dwarf Home infested with Kobolds, making a deal with an Imp, and returning a dragon’s soul, have conspired to have Nate named as a true Master Ranger by a god of the 3rd Continent, an Arch Druid, Lord Bart, and the Dwarves. His animal companion, an Eagle Owl he calls Vanya, has trained with him over the course of the winter months, and he is prepared to help the others in their quests.

After all, there’s no WAY they could succeed without him!

Nate Troublemaker

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