Gnorman De Gnome uf Dunbar und de depths ect......

Gnorman the gnome


He is a Gnome who is a tinkerer gnome. He is Mage/inventor. He is short as all gnomes are. He wears a combo modified Gnomeish workman’s leather armor and gnomish mages workman’s leather robes. He has a full head of wild unkept hair. A full beard and a well kept mustache. He also wears Gnomish mage crystal goggles at all times.


Gnorman is what is known as a MAD GNOME. Meaning he refuses to submit his inventions to committee. This is due to his affiliation with Liad Ruo, the Highmage and Imperial advisor. Liad convinced a young Gnorman to study human/elven engineering as well. (an idea most gnomes would consider ridiculous as it is well known that human and elven engineering ended with the inventions of the fork and the chamber pot) But as Gnorman was a age student of Liads at the time, he decided to listen and see what he could find out.

The main thing Gnorman took from this, was that the committees of the Greater Gnomish Engineering Works, was their greatest flaw. For no Gnomish invention is ever truly finished, as it must pass un counted committees and once it fails one for any issue, that issue must be fixed, and then it is put back through every committee and so on. Humans and Elves are not hindered by this. They make it, and if it works, they let it out into the world. May be unsafe, may cause mayhem, but it is done. Elves, well what engineering they do, as long as it does not harm the earth and nature, they let it go. Dwarves of course do use the committee system. However, an invention goes through a design committee, and then a completion committee and that is all. If it fails in design, it is simply redesigned or thrown out. If it fails in the production committee, same thing. Where as Gnomish committees (and there are thousands of them) all have different objectives, often for minute issues. Which is why Gnomish devies are usually quite unsafe and quite scary.

Since Gnoman decided to use a mixture of the Dwarven method and the Human/Elven method…. He actually designs and finishes many many inventions. Most notably his Goggles an his submersible.

He studied under the great Dwarven engineer Bruin Hammersprocket. And learned to accept and love the dwarven idea of.. “Go big, or go home” So when he designed and then built his ginormous Submersible, he made it large. As he was going to be exploring the depths, and as he was one of Liad’s prodigle students, he was allowed to put a spell jamming throne on it to aid in its propulsion. It also has a few steam powered propellers. As he planned to have a large crew, it is a rather large vessel. It has a large common area as a “living room” and several crew quarters as well. Pus there is an observation deck. There is a large workroom with a small foundry and a forge as well.

Gnorman met the love of his life Gnora while travelling for parts for his Submersible. She was a priestess and mage who was also one heck of an inventor/tinkerer herself. They were wed and using both of their brilliance they built the submersible. It was their crowning achievement. They got their crew and began exploring the oceans depths. Sadly they got caught in an underwater avalanche and the submersible was damaged and stuck. The crew and the captains worked to repair the damage, but they were also having to constantly battle nagas. It did not help that Gnora was pregnant.

The crewmembers slowly died until it was just Gnorman and Gnora. There was an attack and Gnora ended up going into labor. She was able to hold her daughter for a scant time before she passed. (It is believed by some, that Gnora was granted the gift to pass her spirit into one of her clanks to watch over her beloved husband and daughter) The girl was named Gnorma. She quickly grew to harness both clerical power and magical power. She was also an amazing tinkerer. She wore (and still does) her mother’s armor/robes. She improved on her mother’s clanks and has a veritable army of them that she uses for all sorts of purposes. She is a combat mage who has spent most of her years battling naga, medsai and other creatures of the deep.

She spent her first 40 years with just her father, and the naga’s slaves they could help as company. So she is quite adept at combat magic and healing. She specializes in wards and so forth. But that is her story.

Gnorman kept his precocious daughter as safe as he could, Knowing that there was no was just the two fo them could crew the submersible, and the slaves were mind wiped so fairly useless, They bid their time until someone came that might help them escape. And his promise to his dying wife to care for Gnorma and to help the suffering slaves as well.

They were recently saved by the Fire and Steel Brigade.

Gnorman De Gnome uf Dunbar und de depths ect......

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