The former soldier


Str: 18/66
Dex: 14
Con: 16
Int: 13 15 (17 when wielding the starmetal longsword)
Wis: 10
Cha: 12 (18 with the Armor of Command)


Once a simple farmer with a simple name from simpler times, he is eager to prove himself and bring honor to his family. When he enlisted in the army to fight in the war against Krondor, he strived to do his best to make his family and his empire proud.

One day, he was told by his unit to quell an uprising of Krondor soldiers near a village. When he arrived, he searched for any soldiers, but only saw his fellow soldiers intimidating the locals for provisions. Unable to believe what he is seeing he kept still and silent as his brothers-in-arms took villagers’ supplies. Not wanting any bad word to spread from his superior committing this damnable act, he gave in and started looting as well… Once that was over, he was just as guilty as his unit, so he kept silent.

When the war ended, he sought to distance himself from any of that debauchery however he can, so he began his life anew with the name Drace and became a sellsword, but however he wants to keep honest work. His old name will keep that secret in the dark…

Within this group, he is appointed (by the armor) the lead position and the head of reason. He does his best to lead his group, but is still unsure about how… random everyone can be.


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