Death Mage Osrika of House Kysely

Necromancer of Myrkyl


Osirika is an Indopanese death mage of Myrkyl, and is the youngest of the five daughters of the current duke, Vergo Kysely.


While her older sisters were busy taking the hearts and purses of the local noblemen, Osirika studied under the clerics and necromancers of Myrkyl of the local temple. Her father did not protest as his focus was usually on the next local lord that held the most power at the time. These nobles (including the former duke) were usually quite eager to please master Kysely, and those that weren’t were appropriately dealt with.

The Kysely Sisters:
Draga was the oldest whose eyes were the darkest and she was by far an austere beauty. Her shoulders were broad and imposing as they carried the family name. She spoke with sharp monotone voice that was vastly unpleasant to the ear. Yet she managed the home with great stride, and (while she was silent) was the pride of Duke Kysely.
Vesna (pronounced “Yezna”) was the most beautiful. She was much fairer skinned than Draga and Osrika, and she wore the full red lips of the late Duchess. Her soft vibrato voice was equally as lovely. However, this came at the price of her wit, which she never quite gave as much attention to as her flowing hair.
Mila and Jela (pronouced “Yela”) only rivaled Vesna’s beauty due to the fact that there were two of them, and to the local lords this made them immensely attractive. The girls were always happy to oblige these lords, (provided they had the proper standing and purse). Their hair was indeed dark and luxurious and their voices were very fine, but they did not possess the same sway and swagger that Vesna carried herself with.
Unlike the other Kysely sisters, Osirika’s skin was always just a little darker, and her figure a little less curved. Her grey eyes, mahogany hair and sharp cheekbones stood out unattractively against the rest, and even her voice never quite measured up against them. However she excelled in her studies, and was by a great margin, the most intelligent. This allowed her to escape her tortuous family to one that made sense.

Death Mage Osrika of House Kysely

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