Creena Tripleknott

(the kender)


Short childlike with a wizened old face.

Always has lots of pockets – even if moments before her new outfit had none.

Hair is done in a triple top knot


Like all good kender, Creena’s feet led her well away from kenderhome on an adventure. She is not allowed to say just how she landed on Oearth, though if rumor holds true Gnomes were involved. She came to meet the great giver of the niftiest box of unlimited rock candy with the cut little puppy automoton that walks around it and says, “bark bark bark” – also known as Ciara Grand Duchess of Ciaranseer Duchy and official consort of Lobo (both recognized hero and saviors of the empire), and friend of the kender.

Sadly, when she went to meet the Duchess Ciara, Ciara was off on her own adventure, Creena’s top knot slouched sadly at the news. Fortunately for Creena, one of Ciara’s sisters, Brenna was at the keep at the time, and headed out to adventure. Creena ever distracted by shiny and new, decided Ciara’s sister would be a greaat friend until she can meet Ciara. Creena has been traveling with Brenna and the rest of the party ever since.

Creena is required to wear magical spheres to keep her hands out of trouble anytime she is in towns since things just appear and dissappear from her person.

She speaks Ent, and dolphin, and takes delight in everything.

Her armor is made of a turtle person’s shell, and she has a… unique fighting style, and a strong sense of right and wrong.

Creena is a great niece of the great Uncle Trapspringer,

Creena Tripleknott

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