The Wanderings of the Brigade of Fire and Steel

The Sea Cave of Treasures

Wow… this place is filled with lots of treasure. There is so much… I wonder if that bag was big enough to gather all of these goods. But everyone seemed interested in the sword in the pedestal… I do admit it had a very beautiful design… I wonder if I could be able to replicate that skill. However, we have a job to do and we must collect it all. As me and Hamig were take care of moving the armors, Creena seemed to activated something… She was shouting… so we made our way to the end to see this… large thing trying to get her. So I had to protect her by engaging it. But it seemed that I was the only one who really was defending her from this stone being… Cowards. Thankfully our mage was able to inflict some damage to it. At least Hamig was able to get a fire beast to distract it… Then Creena suggested we bag it up with all of the items… I was shocked, but… it was not a bad idea.

So Hamig, Brenna, and myself go to the entrance to grab the bag and we find 4 humanoids in the way… weapons drawn at us. We paused to see if they would negotiate… but their dolphins proved their intentions to us. After an initial gauge of their strength, Hamig suggested we fall back to the cave to give us the advantage of terrain and numbers. We call the others to the front, and Creena started conversing with them… Everyone was shocked at this… even these guys were confused.. but after a moment… Creena tells us that we were desecrating a tomb of their ally or something. I am not sure what else Creena told them, but I was wary about this… Then Creena tells me that they wanted proof of our claim for the treasure… We needed Lobo’s or Liad’s sign or something… but we had to go back and get it from the surface. After more discussion she tells me in order to get our proof, I would need to surrender to them.

I took a moment to consider our situation. I look at everyone in here. The need of many outweigh my needs… so I decided I would give myself willingly in order to complete our mission. I let them cuff me and take me to wherever they wanted.

So I am being taken into what seems to be their city with this massive statue of a god it seems. I am led to a room that has air… I am glad. I don’t have to use all my cherries and drown. But I am their prisoner. I gave them my word that I will stay, but using Shadowform sounded tempting. So I stayed in the room… and decided if I have to stay in there. I may as well spend the time painting. It seem to catch their attention. The female guards wanted me to paint them in various poses. Then I was painting for more and more of them… they were very intrigued by me painting. They gave me a few gifts as I continue to paint for them.

They seemed to be gone for a good while… I hope they didn’t forget about me… I am not certain how long have I been here. But I am glad I am comfortable and they are treating me well. The the female guards seem to want to guide me out… but with heavy hearts it seems. But they have led me back to my party… who seem to fought a strange snake thing. I am glad they are back. I was a bit worried.

But it seems they have a problem they want us to handle before we can acquire the treasure. They want us to venture forth and kill those snake-beast Nagas that devour their young. They treated me well and they are good people. I will gladly defeat this vile things for them.



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