The Wanderings of the Brigade of Fire and Steel

Subteranean Ranger

Nate grimaced as he padded down the tunnel, his eyes barely registering enough ambient heat to ensure he didn’t trip over any debris or bump into any of the occasionally identifiable dead critters that had been plastered into the wall of the hive. Behind him, his fellow Ranger Brenna moved smoothly and confidently, with the gift of her vampiric blood giving her perfect vision. Obviously, as a mere human she needed it to match his level of ability in combat, but he would be lying if he said that being so often underground and semi-blind didn’t bother him to some degree.

He was a plainsman, used to the sun and the wind. His animal companion, currently relaxing in a pine tree outside, was a massive and powerful owl, unhelpfully teasing him with thoughts of riding the wind. Still, as dissatisfied with his current location as he was, he knew that Hammig, Drace, and especially Kitty, the poor overgrown giant bastards that they were, were probably downright miserable. Nate could stretch comfortably, but those those three were hunched over like trolls as they noisily stumbled down the corridor.



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