The Wanderings of the Brigade of Fire and Steel

Storming the Castle

Taking down those liches

I wonder how much trouble the first lich gave him, Kurt and Brenna. It was a bloodbath in there and they were hurt badly. Seeing those prisoners, shackled and slaughtered, made me really hate this castle. I really wanted to hunt those liches and kill them myself but Hamig told me about their reflective properties that hurt them just as bad. I hate this place. We had to move with caution.

As we explored the castle we ran into lots of prisoners, alive but shackled. We released them and the damn “hero” had to take the time to arm them all with ass-bones. Damn, Kurt! How many of those damn things you took with you?! But they went off to rescue the others as we headed deeper. The dagger was screaming for vengeance in my head, guiding me through the castle to where they are.

At last, we arrived to their throne room and we engage in that perilous battle. Magic seem non effective here as Bauks and Nasir were hurt as they tried to use magic. I thought I would try to unhook the prisoners, but that took too long and the situation was getting worse. After seeing Nasir fell after making a valiant effort to hurt the liches, I decided to take the chance and strike the nearest one. I managed to take it down with one strike, however Hamig’ s warning proved very true. I felt such pain coursing through my body. I almost fell down due the terrible feeling. But thankfully I was the last one who needed to feel that pain because we freed the spirit of the baby trapped in the last lich. With him in our protection, we make our way back to Susie so we can reunite them together.

As the others went ahead a bit once we arrived to the gypsy wagon, I took a moment to tell the mother that her will is done and hope she can rest in peace. I thank her for her strength and resolve to end the pain that many suffered and made my way back to the group.

Uh oh… we are back at the nymph’ s fountain. I need to look away! Felt such an evil stare last time we were there.



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