The Wanderings of the Brigade of Fire and Steel

So much ship to deal with

Hate this ship, hate this ship

Argh… this mission is getting much and much bigger then I would ever imagine. First going out to the vast blue sea, then seeing that huge metal “sting ray” ship they called it, I am not sure. At least I am glad to find Gnorm and Gnorma safe and sound. Then we go exploring uncharted, freezing, and blinding snow to find such an intimidating race of… beastmen who I never before and hope I never will after this is done. And now we are on this Orge “Mammoth ship” learning about how much chaos there is… everywhere. This is so much to process! And to top it off, we are expected to fight these “chaos golems” that destroyed a party of these ogres?! Oh… glad I took a moment to grab one of those bottles Liad said we can have.

This damn ship gave me the creeps… so much death needed for that damn forge. Then that damn… freak in the armor with the hook, he hurt me and Hamig badly. I was worried about how I was going to fight with so much of my soul hurt. That is until the others told me about the “pod” in one of the rooms. I was very unsure about this until they put Hamig into it and he walked out easily after an unthinkable short time, given his injury. And after being distracted by Bauks about these “anti-chaos generators”, it was my turn to enter… which makes me wonder how the others knew I was hurt that badly. They only saw light physical harm on me.

I cringed a bit at the fact they claimed I had to be naked to be in there. But I had no choice, or at least that is what Rika said… I felt like I was led on or something. But hey, I do feel whole again. But I hope I do not have to get in there again! Also got the feeling Rika was not looking at my face… Am I not that appealing without the armor?



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