The Wanderings of the Brigade of Fire and Steel



Hammig rubbed his knuckles as they cruised back to port to meet up with Lobo and distribute their loot. Punching Naga to death was hard work, even for a seasoned adventurer, blacksmith, and and punchy-guy like himself. His hammer stood next to him, having been entirely unused during the last confrontation. The big man hated not being able to wield it, but well knew the danger involved had he brought his holy weapon to play.

He sighed and stretched out on his hammock, Hammer of Kohsooth in easy reach. Maybe the next adventure they go on, he’ll be able to use glorious holy flames to fight, and not have to worry about accidentally exploding his whole party.

“Bah, whatever. At least now hi kyan finish my hyelmut. Next stop: Home.”

“So, we’re gonna need you to run over to Olympia, and then head to the second continent.”

I knew it. Hammig thought.

Knew what? The second voice was a new one, and in a language possibly only two people in the room understood — Hammig considered that a moment before allowing that Lobo probably could speak it if he wanted to. Gods and all. — belonging to the sword that hung at his left hip. Whether it had a soul or not, Hammig didn’t know, but it was intelligent, and made him the smarter for wielding it. It’s exact twin hung at Drace’s hip.

Knew ve veren’t going to get straight home. Alvays a ketch, you see.

“…and Billy’s armor!”


Well, can’t you eat goats? Hammig shuddered at the thought and began to explain why eating the Kender’s goat would be a monumentally bad idea.

(fuckit, player’s going to bed.)



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