The Wanderings of the Brigade of Fire and Steel

Our work is never done...

Can't we relax for a moment?

Ah… We made it to Olympia. I am glad we escorted her safely. Glad to have made it to the games. Always wanted to see how the little boxing champ takes down the lead contender 2 years in a row. Also excited to take part in the sword fighting. I hope to dominate that field. I better practice my swordplay whenever I can.

Ah… but our work is never done. We had to deal with lost delivery that needed to brought back. I wasn’t sure if it was safe, but the Regiment told me that the goods were safe to be brought over and the person asking to be trusted. When we rode over, we saved a man who seemed out of place… But very wounded… Then as we started to move out, trolls attacked out of no where. We took them out, and started running with the goods. As we moved to our destination, Oblivion showed up and just shredded that guy we saved… I wonder what he did to piss him off… but.. I don’t think I want to know…

Side note, I need to get to the weapon shop to acquire more weapons to try out. Maybe an axe, a halberd, and some heavy gauntlets for beating foes, maybe.



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