The Wanderings of the Brigade of Fire and Steel

Our tactful plan.

Waiting sucks!

Well… this in an interesting position. Hamig says this is advantageous for us, but I am not sure… I feel like I should have join the strike party. Norma has been informing me and Baux about how they are progressing. So far so good, until they reached the final check point. Hamig’s idea of using darkness and I believe silence… I couldn’t hear anything that far, was a double edged sword. But Norma tells us that Rika was actually being combat effective with her scythe. …kind of makes me want to try that out.

Man, that Medusa seem very pissed off, the grunts seem a bit intimidated by her… and this room of Naga seem ready for anything. Our plan must work… I wonder if I can make myself a distraction Let them focus on me as the strike party makes their moves. I hope I can draw their attacks to me.

Well… Norma say they reach the area. Let’s hope this plan works and we can get as many people safe and sound.



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