The Wanderings of the Brigade of Fire and Steel

Of Fireballs and 'Sneaky'

So… Recent events have made the thinking: When trying to be sneaky-sneak, fire mage is hard. You want burn people to death? You canst, for they are the screaming.

Fireball? Loud kaboom, wake whole castle.

Heat metal? More screaming.

Is shame, I like fire spell. But then, I have idea.

I cast silence, then I cast explosion, and now is silent of dying, no more unstealthy. So now, I have plan.

I will combine Silence and Fireball, and have Hammig’s Silent Fireball. Standard 1d6 damage per level, but non-verbal casting, silent in flight, and silences the 20ft blast radius for 1d4 round. Is will be new favoriting spell.

Da. Is good.

Of course, must finish killing Naga, retrieve treasure, make trade with gnome, go to surface, loose most of treasure to agreement made by someone not in charge of party, and go home and make helmet, but idea I have. Is good.



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