The Wanderings of the Brigade of Fire and Steel

Made some beautiful art

but my friends are indeed dicks...

Why…? Just why Hammig and Brenna? What was the reason for asking this painting? I would expect this from Nate or even Kurtwood himself, but you two?! Ugh… needed plenty to drink as I created that “art”… if I can call it that. At least Nate gave me a nice idea (which shocked me honestly coming from him) to paint. I am glad Gnorma loved it. Wanted to keep the affection appropriate because everyone was going to see it.

I am glad I can create as much art as I can in my room. Bauks is with along with me to learn, so less time alone. Whatever. But I have been creating art from the adventures we been through. The liches castle, the gypsy wagon, our keep in Dragoforge, the nymph and her fountain (hide that one from Rika), even having everyone in a group protrait.

Now I worry if Creena wants one of herself… I need more then a strong drink to make that art for her…

…also may not charge Rika anything if she wants one… but Bauks will not be with me creating that one for sure.

Oh. Need to talk to Gnorm and Gnorma about finding some pristine Lightning Opals before I forget.



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