The Wanderings of the Brigade of Fire and Steel

Kitty's Thoughts

She watched the master craftsman slice off a piece of the gargantuan gem; her cerulean eyes widened. Kitty has taken to gem cutting and jewelry making as a new hobby to occupy herself on the ship. That and Bub. She attempted to introduce herself to the towering minotaur, but he seemed distracted.
“Maybe you should try to be more coy vit ’im. Or just tell ’im you like ’im instead ov running after ’im all over ship,” was Rika’s advice.
She would attempt conversation another day. Today she was concentrating on polishing remnants of a giant fire opal. It was tedious work, but the pieces glistened when she finished. She smiled broadly at herself. Just another 20 years doing this and she might be able to work with the big ones.



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