The Wanderings of the Brigade of Fire and Steel


Times have become not good. We arrived in this town expecting good times, good drink, good food, good relaxation (and payment for job well done). instead, ve get job to retrieve caravan what has been attacked. Tankfully, Nate located eet, and ve vere able to peek direcshun and go tere. On way, ve find dead people, trussed up as warning. I pray over them, give them blessings of Kossuth, and leave them for the ferryman to return to Olympia.

Further on, we find camp site, and nearly-dead-youth. We heal him, and learn these were done by the desert people. He returns to Olympia to let Mugshot know of what happened. Speaking of Mugshot, the ferryman seemed disturbed that he would likely be the one to break the news of the dead to the Half-Orc. That seems an odd concern to me, but we have bigger issues.

Nate and Brenna find tracks and wagon trails into the forest to the Ruins Nate located from town, where we go. We meet a man in the woods who casts wall of wind between us and the ruins.

Fucking coward.

Our fearless and shiny leader attempted to push through the wall, unsuccessfully, so I turn to Kurtwood, our heavy hitter, and grant him immunity to the wind wall. He pushes through, the rest of us begin to go around but are accosted partly by a troll, and partly by a fireball sent by the shitty mage.

Fireball? On me? Pah! He not knowing who he deal with. Tactical error. We disable troll, Osrika successfully drains some of its blood, I put out forest fire, and burn the life out of the troll for good. Meanwhile, Kurt is getting progressively more arrow filled as he causes chaos and rains destruction upon the majority of the enemy force. Once the windwall goes down, the rest of us charge for mop up, and the elf kills Nate’s pony.

Nate is hard on his mounts.

We burn the troll, recover weapons and gear, and take stock of our situation. We have found one burnt out wagon with nothing on it, we have located the ruins, and one or two of our party are severely wounded.

We have job, we finish job, so we move into the ruins.

Kreena, Kurt, and Ian take point, exploring. Based on what I was able to get out of them afterwords, Kreena fell from a wall and into a house (they have no roofs, but are otherwise very well preserved.), and landed on some clay pots apparently full of the plague. Kurt and Ian managed to get her out without getting themselves sick as well, and I managed to pray for Cure Disease and cure the worst of the plague.

Ian took her back to our horses (the safest place for her), when Kurt decides is good idea to smack probably magical petrified wood with heavily magical artifact weapon.

He has one fewer assbone now, and he has alerted basically entire town to our presence. Spasee, cyka.

We found the badguys, murdered them violently, made it to the caravan where we found the Dwarf with the boom-sticks, rescued him, and as we were debating what to do about the plague, an earthquake struck. It quickly decided for us, and we split up across the two wagons and quickly made our exit.

And that is where things get worse.

As it stands, Nate is badly wounded, Kurt is badly wounded and plague ridden, Brenna is badly wounded and plague ridden, and by the time we make it back to the river, it is swollen and violent. We realise we can’t go further, and hole up as best we can as it rains and hails. I begin praying for more cure disease, and get something I have never felt before.

Kosuth wasn’t answering.

I still got my spells, not being completely abandoned, but they were weaker than usual and I made realisation that we were probably as safe as we could be, considering earthquakes, hail, and night coming suddenly and completely with no moon.

I tell my companions, “I have good news, and bad news. Good news, we are unlikely to catch attention of any evil god for time being. Bad news, or good god, as I believe they are fighting right now.”

Nate got Kurt’s help to send a letter to Olympia, letting them know what we had found in the ruins, and his bird returned two days later, obviously worse for wear with simple message: “Help is on the way.”

Turns out, is Lobo himself with undead guardians, who shows up, and magics us back to Olympia faster. We get brief, very undetailed explanation of events, and then we arrive. Peaceful town is trashed. Farmland is ruined, New town is trashed, and old town is not great. A fucking massive silver dragon is guarding the orphanage, and the number of wounded and worse is staggering.

The regiment has given Drace and myself a corner of their corral where we have set up our portable forge, and I am back to fixing armor and weapons exactly as I did during my time with the Dunbarian army during the war with my homeland. I am glad that I did not retire after the war, or I might find myself out of shape when this call came. Instead, the life of an adventurer has made me stronger, better, and ready to serve my adopted country once more, even if it is just a little part of it.

Even so, I do not relish going back to war.

As part of agreement, Reggie, the head of the Regiment, has thrown me into weapons training. “A man should be able to wield what he makes.” He says, in his dream the god Tempus stood before him, while another god tended a campfire, and tells him, “Though the blacksmith is not a follower of mine, I want you to teach him the martial ways.” Before turning to the other god and say, “There, you owe me two FULL kegs of your best beer.”

To which Kosuth (for who else could it be?), responded simply with, “No problem.”

If you thought working forge was hard, try working forge after getting ass handed to you by six Imperial regiment soldiers.

Kreena is doing her part to keep up morale, though some of the gaurdsman and women (and their obvious friends about town) seem to not need it.

Lastly, we have heard from DragonForge Keep. Apparently the worst of this chaos has left them out of it, partly due to their location near the gemdust cave, partly due to their proximity to Lord Greggor’s Cave. They will continue to do as they’ve done.

Anyway, is as much as I can remember. As I pray before the Eternal Flames of Kossuth, recalling the chaos, death, and destruction that has been wrought in the last few days, I realize I live in interesting times.

More fuel for Fires.



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