The Wanderings of the Brigade of Fire and Steel

It's been too long

Brenna's letters home

Myrna, Rod, and Uncle Yarp,

I know, it’s been too long since I wrote last, that curse Ciara often mentions about life being interesting, well, it is that. By now I am sure you have heard strange mutterings – if someone involved hasn’t told you directly yet of some of my recent… adventures.

Not sure exactly where to begin, so guess I will begin where we last left off.

During the defense of Olympia, I was infected by a dwarven vampire controlled by bitch dragon queen. It’s ok, I got better. Was offered a chance to become a full vampire, by Ciara’s friends Gwen and Daniel, but politely declined. I simply could not imagine the bizarre dynamics of being the vampire in the family. With help from Alizar, and a long ceremony, was mostly cured, and no longer have a thirst for blood.

While still in Olympia, we got hired to investigate a cave that suddenly opened up, and that several people had dissappeared into. Spent several days in there, and the team befriended a Biatsu, this Biatsu happened to be the one we had promised to deliver a message to for someone ages before. Drace and Hammig are delighted, our new friend is a blacksmith, so they are learning new and I’m told exciting things.

With their help, made new armor, think Ciara would be pleased, it’s mainly fine leatherwork in dragonhide.

After the Biatsu adventure, I finally got to seek an animal companion, a dire wolf, Warl, answered my call. We are training regularly, and learning to work together. Incredibly excited to have such a great partner now in this adventure.

Running out of parchment, so will close the letter for now.

With love always,


It is spelled Alazar. LOL.

It's been too long

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