The Wanderings of the Brigade of Fire and Steel

Fearless Leader's Jounral Entry

two rare sights in one day!

I am glad that Norman and Norma loved the painting. It makes such hard work worthwhile. I will appreciate the gifts they gave me for this commission. That painting seem to caught the others’ eyes but… it just seems to confuse them a bit and Hamig seem to stare at me giving me a “really” look.

We went out again to the desert lands all together can came across a mage of Liad’s who in great, great detail explained these spell Liad himself created. It has caught our magic-users’ attentions very much. The mages seem content and happy with their acquired spells until I get approach by Rika saying she needs my help with a pastry vendor for her favor. It seemed she really wanted that spell, she usually doesn’t ask for my help like this. I agreed and went to the vendor, and bought what she needed along with some pastries for us. That look on her face when I gave her the danish, it was quite a rare sight to behold. I don’t think I could forget that.

We returned and have been informed that we were invited to a party on this land’s prince’s honor. But we did have time until then, so Creena wanted to go get some holy crackers. Hamig turned to me and asked which one of us are going to go with her. After a decisive game, I prevailed and he had to accompany her to a temple. Then I see Rika and Kitty going on their own, saying they needed some new clothes. I sighed and decided to come along thinking she may anger that vendor as well… I think we both lost this game at this point. I was having to hold all these clothes she grabbed then put me in an awkward position about which dress she wants… I had no idea… I just said why not both and she agreed and bought all the clothes she chose, but having me to carry them. She gave me another rare bubbly smile. It is still weird.

At last it is party time and now everyone is dressed up. It is a very nice party. We are all guests for letting him know his brother is safe and sound. As a gift, he has given us all a favor for whatever we wish. I had to think about what I want now. And then retired as everyone was being merry and dancing away. Baux seemed to be showing up everyone on the dance floor. Then Rika asks me if I wanted to. And then Baux comes over and pushes me to her, making my answer very clear.

Hamig and Rika noticed that he was very frail health. Brenna wanted to help too. I agreed as well since he was such a great host to us and welcomed us with opened arms. After meeting with him in private, It seems we also have been tasked by this gracious prince to acquire this Drought of the Lilac Tears that’s in the second continent. He is a great guy and from what he says, I don’t want his son to go without a father so soon. I will find this drought and bring it to him. Thankfully it does not interfere with our task for Lobo.

Now we are in the jungle… Man, it is so hot… But I need to brace myself for such conditions, I am exploring the lands on the ports. Then this Emerald Tiger hide caught my eye. It looks very nice. I may have to get someone to fashion this into a cloak. I could make me even more inspiring. And so I bought the hide and now Fearless leader now needs a tailor or something to fix this.



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