The Wanderings of the Brigade of Fire and Steel

Damned Woods

Comfy in the forest keep

I am glad to be out of that damned forest. That place gave me the creeps big time. We almost lost Bauks, our black mage, to the Wight forest. Glad I made it in time before any one of our allies struck him down. But that ghostly being struck me hard, but… something odd happened.. My armor absorbed the dark effect in a blinding light. Then a dark spot appeared on my armor when it hit me. That ghost fled after learning my new found power. This caused Rika to inspect my armor…. Very carefully. It made me uncomfortable a bit but yet comfortable as well… Especially in the woods.

I better find some priests of Myrkul to assist me to found out about this armor… because Rika won’t explain to me what is up with my armor.

Oh. I did acquire this paladin’s saddle that was given to me by everyone after we found his fallen horse. We are not sure exactly what is inside of it. So I better make sure to check it out when I have time… probably in Norman’s ship. I better also split the gold with everyone. I don’t need that much gold and platinum coins. I am sure the paladin would have preferred that.

And now we made it to the forest keep and after being questioned if I had anything to do with the paladin’s death. Glad to know we are safe and comfortable. Even better knowing we acquired the Drought of the Lilac Tears, and returned the belongings to the soldier’s family. Makes my heart much warmer seeing her have something to remind them of their good son they have… Reminds me to return home to my family… I kind of miss them.



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