The Wanderings of the Brigade of Fire and Steel

New Armor, New Forge, New Job

What is this? I have access to a hellfire forge, and I DON’T have my friends commissioning me for new weapons and armor? About time.

After all, my own set has become long in tooth, as they say. I finished my set as my Masterwork many years and battles ago now. Even with a hole the size of my fist through the back, it is fantastic armor, and when I retire it, it will hang with honor in my smithy, a reminder of where I have come from, what I’ve been through, and who I’ve fought and bled with.

The replacement set will be an upgrade worthy of my current skills. The design will match my previous set, with shin guards, bracers, breast plate, and studded leather kilt, though my materials will be a significant improvement. Bob the Minotaur is teaching me to create braided star metal Damascus, which will be the material for every component that previously had been hand forged Krondorian steel. The leather will be… Preferably dragon or dinosaur, I’m not sure what the leather smiths I am working with actually have access to and will be willing to utilize in this project, but either one is a step above the bull hide that has served me so well.

With the inclusion of starmetal, I plan on having this set enchanted. Only definite option I have so far (after much experience) is protection (reversal?) of lightning. Maybe Psionic shielding? Maybe TECH ARMOR explosion?

Anyway with luck, I will have my set complete before we see combat again, but I have suspicion that is not happening. We are currently in employ of Gnorm and Gnorma in their new impressive submersible boat and we will hunt Leviathans.

Oh. Brenna and I also found best use of six thousand gold, EVER. Bar none. You see, she come to me with idea, and then we together go to Drace to have most regal painting of our Baronet. Best. Ever.

Ossrika was lame and not get joke, but everyone else did. Except Kurt, I don’t think he understood he was joke.

Oh well. Good times. No regrets.

New Tribe
The Party on Tusker Island

These frozen wastes may be a lot like home for Hammig or Rika, but I miss the greens of the forests and golds of my home. Vanya too. My newest companion doesn’t have that home sickness, but considering he’s a god-born Hell Horse, gifted to me by Tempus and Oblivion in the flesh, I’m not surprised.

Yeah, and not only that, but in addition to the gods that had previously recognized me as a true Ranger despite being a halfling, I now have a LOT more! Including Tempus, Liad, Lobo, the Dick, Mistra, Messingwary… Hell, even Hammig’s god acknowledged me! …So did Creena. Which I’m not going to think about. And Osrika, which I’m kind of surprised about. I mean, I know Creena’s been across multiple worlds and had adventures and stuff before she joined up with us, so I’m sure somewhere someone believes in her, but Rika?

…I bet it’s a Sven. It HAS to be.

Guess I should back things up a bit, huh? Well, we’ve been trying to find the source of a sudden influx of leviathans in the oceans of our world, and waaaaaay down south, we find another uncharted continent, a frozen waste without a name. So of course, when something falls from the sky and crashes inland, we head off to investigate, mostly with Hammig and Drace drooling over the thought of more Star Metal.

After a few days of slow going through the harsh terrain, we are met by tough woman who takes Brenna, Warl, me, and Vanya to meet with someone on account of we’re Rangers, and our animals are trustworthy, ‘cause we’re awesome.

Turns out that someone was a god I’d never heard of called Messingwary. He’s a mighty god of Hunters, and once he had approved of our mission, we retrieved the rest of our party, had some good food, and then met the Tuskers.

We’ve met and fought some big people before, but these Tuskers are HUGE. They remind me of my home tribe a bit, but more reserved, and slower to make decisions. They did, after some questions and deliberation, let us continue on our journey to find whatever fell from the sky, and so we pressed on.

One night… Well, I’m pretty sure it was night. The sun never sets here, so it’s hard to really tell what time of day it is. Something massive landed close our camp, which turned out to be Chaos golems. Vanya and I took to the sky when we were getting ready to continue on, and it turned out the golems were making an easy path for us, pushing the heavy snow out of our way, so I directed the party over and we followed in their wake, though more slowly since we get tired and they don’t.

Anyway, we found a splatter of barely identifiable offworlders who’d run afoul of the Chaos Golems, and notified the Gods because like, everything they had was supposed to be not allowed on this world, so we got to oloot the hammers, and destroy the contraband, and then Hammig levitated into the Sky to see if he could find their home ship.

Turns out, it was pretty close, so with Rusty’s help we managed to make our way over to it. The Ogre Mam-moth was pretty abandoned, and so we explored it trying to find clues. Then Hammig started a fight with a massive hook-handed orc, and then spent most of that fight hanging off the hook until the guy died, which was fun. Once the ship had been cleared and explored, we freed the slaves, called on the Gods AGAIN because there was a LOT of contraband AND a soulforge, and then Hammig got to use the Pocket Full of Sunshine that Creena gave him to destroy all of the contraband.

Crazy bastard.

Anyway, the slaves now had a grounded ship fortress as a museum or conservatory or whatever, and we sent the creepy healing pod thing to Olympia (after everyone who needed it had been through) so we kitted up with some new anti-Chaos gear, took two of the fancy magic sleds and got back on the path of the Golems.

And then we found a road block which turned out to be brownies. After a snowball fight and lunch, and warning that the golems explode if you kill them wrong, we got back on the road, only to fight some Snow Kobolds not too long after. That was fun! Vanya and I are getting better at fighting together.

Oh, I don’t remember when, but we did find a destroyed Tusker community, wiped out by whatever crashed to the ground. We took a few items that seemed important to pass along to the Tuskers, but I can’t remember if that was before or after the brownies.

Anyway, we eventually caught up with the Golems and found out what crashed to the ground wasn’t star metal like Hammig and Drace wanted, but a giant Leviathan egg, that the Golems (turns out there was a lot of them) were trying to crack open. So we all immediately run in and fight the golems. I took one with Vanya, easily defeating it without a scratch, while Hammig, Reeves, Brenna, and Nazeer basically couldn’t do anything without me. Anyway, they EVENTUALLY got theirs down, and so Vanya and I took to the skies again to intercept the bossman’s magic sled so I could get some order bombs so that Hammig’s sled would be less useless.

The second half of the battle went a little better. I mean, we killed the golems faster, even the one that turned into a giant stuffed racoon toy monster that Hammig set on fire, but Creena and Nazeer both got taken out of the fight. Pfft. These golems weren’t even tough, just shows how useless everyone is without me.

So anyway, long story short, we get back to the Tuskers with a heroes welcome, ‘cause we just saved their lives and everything, ’cause I’m awesome, and as part of our service to them, we got inducted into their tribe, which is one of the biggest honors I’ve had. The Tuskers are an awesome warrior tribe, and to be accepted by them like that is a point of pride that my own family now shares through my accomplishments.

My REAL family, not my worthless dad or my half-sister.

Anyway, that’s where I was gifted Spit Fire, which I think I owe Brenna for. I also owe Tempus a favor, so that should be fun.

I uh… Also owe Oblivion a favor… See, I kind of… In the excitement of battle and rush to save the world and everything, forgot to pick up my Klink that Gnorma gave me, until we were days of travel away and back with the Tuskers. And worse, the Gods were going to do something to the Leviathan egg that was gonna apparently wipe out everything in the area, including my Klink, so Oblivion took me on a shortcut through the Abyss to go retrieve it before all that happened.

It… The first time wasn’t so bad. Like, it was bad. I ain’t scared of ANYTHING I’ve fought or dealt with, you can’t be scared when you’re as awesome as I am. But… I was scared, okay? I’ve never been that scared, ever. I toughed it out though, and got my Klink just fine. Going back… The things I saw? I… Lost. You can laugh all you want, I’ll cut your fucking toes off in your sleep.

Apparently Liad passed out when he went on the same trip, so at least I didn’t bitch out like he did, and HE is a god, so fuck you.

I slept in the stables that night, I was not up for company.

Anyway, on our way back to our ship, we saw a HUGE 12 legged Leviathan, walking around chaos-ing up the place, so our mages and Kitty and me killed it before it could do anything or get in range for anyone else, and now we’re waiting for our boat.

That’s where we are now, anyway. OH! I need to get Hammig to make Spit Fire some fucking awesome armor, as properly fitting of the bad-ass hell horse that he is, because he’s fucking awesome like Vanya and me.

So much ship to deal with
Hate this ship, hate this ship

Argh… this mission is getting much and much bigger then I would ever imagine. First going out to the vast blue sea, then seeing that huge metal “sting ray” ship they called it, I am not sure. At least I am glad to find Gnorm and Gnorma safe and sound. Then we go exploring uncharted, freezing, and blinding snow to find such an intimidating race of… beastmen who I never before and hope I never will after this is done. And now we are on this Orge “Mammoth ship” learning about how much chaos there is… everywhere. This is so much to process! And to top it off, we are expected to fight these “chaos golems” that destroyed a party of these ogres?! Oh… glad I took a moment to grab one of those bottles Liad said we can have.

This damn ship gave me the creeps… so much death needed for that damn forge. Then that damn… freak in the armor with the hook, he hurt me and Hamig badly. I was worried about how I was going to fight with so much of my soul hurt. That is until the others told me about the “pod” in one of the rooms. I was very unsure about this until they put Hamig into it and he walked out easily after an unthinkable short time, given his injury. And after being distracted by Bauks about these “anti-chaos generators”, it was my turn to enter… which makes me wonder how the others knew I was hurt that badly. They only saw light physical harm on me.

I cringed a bit at the fact they claimed I had to be naked to be in there. But I had no choice, or at least that is what Rika said… I felt like I was led on or something. But hey, I do feel whole again. But I hope I do not have to get in there again! Also got the feeling Rika was not looking at my face… Am I not that appealing without the armor?

Hammig's Thoughts

A month ago, we followed the halfling onto a boat.

It was the best plan ever.

I have not properly blown up or incinerated or hammered anything.

I hate boats. I hate the ocean.

Cyka. Bloody halfling.

Storming the Castle
Taking down those liches

I wonder how much trouble the first lich gave him, Kurt and Brenna. It was a bloodbath in there and they were hurt badly. Seeing those prisoners, shackled and slaughtered, made me really hate this castle. I really wanted to hunt those liches and kill them myself but Hamig told me about their reflective properties that hurt them just as bad. I hate this place. We had to move with caution.

As we explored the castle we ran into lots of prisoners, alive but shackled. We released them and the damn “hero” had to take the time to arm them all with ass-bones. Damn, Kurt! How many of those damn things you took with you?! But they went off to rescue the others as we headed deeper. The dagger was screaming for vengeance in my head, guiding me through the castle to where they are.

At last, we arrived to their throne room and we engage in that perilous battle. Magic seem non effective here as Bauks and Nasir were hurt as they tried to use magic. I thought I would try to unhook the prisoners, but that took too long and the situation was getting worse. After seeing Nasir fell after making a valiant effort to hurt the liches, I decided to take the chance and strike the nearest one. I managed to take it down with one strike, however Hamig’ s warning proved very true. I felt such pain coursing through my body. I almost fell down due the terrible feeling. But thankfully I was the last one who needed to feel that pain because we freed the spirit of the baby trapped in the last lich. With him in our protection, we make our way back to Susie so we can reunite them together.

As the others went ahead a bit once we arrived to the gypsy wagon, I took a moment to tell the mother that her will is done and hope she can rest in peace. I thank her for her strength and resolve to end the pain that many suffered and made my way back to the group.

Uh oh… we are back at the nymph’ s fountain. I need to look away! Felt such an evil stare last time we were there.

Examination of a Halfling
Of course he did... Rika's thoughts

His wounds are severe; too severe for healing spells. She held the Halfling’s head in her lap, trying to ascertain what to do.
The little bastard ran off into the heat of battle, and got himself killed for it. I am a medic, I should not lose companions so quickly… I should not be so hard on myself… He did this to himself… Of course he ran into the thick of it. This is Nate.
She vaguely heard Bauks and Hammig speaking with Drace in the background. Something about teleportation to the temple in Olympia.
“Zat vould vork,” The death mage stood up after finishing her examination. “Zee little bastard did himzelf zis time.”
Rika shook her head. This group was her family; even Nate. All she could do was watch and wait as Bauks attempted his end with the teleportation.
Note to self: get Drace to buy me scrolls of Resurrection next shopping trip. Cannot let this happen twice to the little shit. Or worse, this happen to Creena next time.

The One and Only Truth [and quick rebuttal to the leader]

Guys, I don’t know how to break this to you, but did y’all see how awesome that was? I mean, I’ve ALWAYS been awesome, it’s no wonder y’all want to fight with me so much, and so obvious why Kurtwood is such a try-hard in my presence, but DID YOU SEE THAT?

I mean, seriously! It took FIVE of them, hitting me AT THE SAME TIME with axes that EACH weighed more than twice what I do to bring my bad self down, AND THEY HAD TO TAKE EXTRA HITS TO BE SURE.

PLUS!! My plan TOTALLY WORKED TOO. They were so distracted upon realizing how much of a threat I was that they focused ALL of their attention on me, allowing everyone else to get behind them and totally mop up. See? THAT’S team work right there, and it’s all because of how awesome I was!

Besides, I was down for like, what? 2 hours? Pfft. And Moly’s all proud of herself ’cause she got rich after selling her shitbag party off.

Oh! And in case someone says, “HE DIDN’T LEARN ANYTHING!” that’s not true!

I know that if there’s four or less, I can do it without getting taken down, AND if I’ve had a few good hits with my Vampiric axes? I CAN TANK THE WORLD.

Fuck yeah, guys. I. Am. AWESOME.

Dammit Nate

That foolish ranger! Why did he try that stunt?! All he become was a axe rack for those… man-beasts! Thankfully Bauks was able to get him teleported to someplace where they revived him.

But for a moment, I felt like I failed everyone… I better make sure to plan accordingly to prevent situations like this. Maybe have some good shield cover between him and any threat in case he tries that reckless stunt. Or maybe pull him to safety so we can strike the foes with magic. Ah… I better take a moment to think things through and calm down.

Damned Woods
Comfy in the forest keep

I am glad to be out of that damned forest. That place gave me the creeps big time. We almost lost Bauks, our black mage, to the Wight forest. Glad I made it in time before any one of our allies struck him down. But that ghostly being struck me hard, but… something odd happened.. My armor absorbed the dark effect in a blinding light. Then a dark spot appeared on my armor when it hit me. That ghost fled after learning my new found power. This caused Rika to inspect my armor…. Very carefully. It made me uncomfortable a bit but yet comfortable as well… Especially in the woods.

I better find some priests of Myrkul to assist me to found out about this armor… because Rika won’t explain to me what is up with my armor.

Oh. I did acquire this paladin’s saddle that was given to me by everyone after we found his fallen horse. We are not sure exactly what is inside of it. So I better make sure to check it out when I have time… probably in Norman’s ship. I better also split the gold with everyone. I don’t need that much gold and platinum coins. I am sure the paladin would have preferred that.

And now we made it to the forest keep and after being questioned if I had anything to do with the paladin’s death. Glad to know we are safe and comfortable. Even better knowing we acquired the Drought of the Lilac Tears, and returned the belongings to the soldier’s family. Makes my heart much warmer seeing her have something to remind them of their good son they have… Reminds me to return home to my family… I kind of miss them.

Observations of the Ethereal
Plot Device + Asking GM for information

They had finally found an evening in what the lady mage appreciated to be more civilized conditions. She furiously wrote next to one of the many hearths in the Tempestian estate.

To the Honorable Priests of Myrkul,

It is obvious that the inhabitants of the Forest of Wight are are not affected by magical spells. It is also greatly known that it only God-handed attacks and abilities. What is more interesting is the ability of a Siren (as she will be referred to hence) to lure and, if my theory is correct, control these spirits. I have not heard of a creature to control the undead by means of voice. According to accredited sources, the being sings to the deceased to come to the center of the forest.

She stopped writing to inspect the room again. Her party had mostly taken to rest after the festivities. Only herself and Kitty were left to sit by the roaring fire.

“Miss Rika?”
“Yes, Kitty?”
“You can go to bed now, Drace isn’t here any-”
“And vat does dat hav to do vit any’ting!?” She turned red and looked down at her letter again, focusing all her energy on the proper Indopanese tense she was using.

The meaning of this location is unknown to me; only that there is a great fog that confuses and blinds those who walk into it. Thus causing them to lose their sense of direction and become lost in the forest. This kind of fog I am familiar with thanks to the esteemed writings of Derrick Von Clementis. However, Von Clementis mentioned nothing of such a Siren.

Kitty giggled.
“Stop that!”
“You could just tell him you know.” A large smile creeped on the Irda’s face.
“I do not know vat you are talking about,” she corrected indignantly.
“Fine, Miss Rika.” She was still smiling.

Additionally, there is an armor that has been acquired with peculiar properties. It bolsters the command of the wearer, while simultaneously repels the spirits of the dead. It was found in a Temple of Myrkul. I write to you, honorable ones, to inquire of your knowledge of observations or histories of such a creature and armor. Please post back to as soon as able.


Lady Osrika von Kysely
Death Mage to Myrkul

“I could just tell him when we get back to the keep.” Her large smile grew.
“You vould not dare?!” The dark haired woman said very slowly while glaring daggers at her companion.
“We’ll see.”

The mage stood up whirled to go, only stopping herself to walk back to the borrowed writing board hurriedly finish writing, grab all of her notes in her arms and storming off; smearing ink on her hands and robes in the process.


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