The Wanderings of the Brigade of Fire and Steel


The second/first continent makes me feel ranger-y, at least where we are now. It’s very forested, not so disimilar from our keep. Anyway, we’re only a week or so away from our first job here. Hammig is on the trail like a hooked fish, of course he’s going to the giant pillar of eternal flame. Whatever.

But there’s pixies here, they sound interesting.

Ran into some gnolls too. Well armed. Not as good as us, but they were okay. I talked to them, they were cheap, so we paid ’em off ’cause I spoke their language. Pfft, see Kurtwood manage that shit? As if.

Anyway, we’re going through the probably haunted forest but so far all we got is bugbears. They’re dead, and it’s my turn on watch now.

Oh, and I might’ve accidentally hit our main healer with a vampiric axe, but it’s okay. I gave her life back. I’m nice like that, part of being as awesome as I am.

Anyway, I spotted a good tree off from the tent, so I’m gonna settle in up there once I get my armor back on. Too bad there’s no snow or anything, still, good luck on those dumbass bugbears seein’ a ranger in a tree.

Idiots. Whatever. If they come back I’ll just kill the rest.

Fearless Leader's Jounral Entry
two rare sights in one day!

I am glad that Norman and Norma loved the painting. It makes such hard work worthwhile. I will appreciate the gifts they gave me for this commission. That painting seem to caught the others’ eyes but… it just seems to confuse them a bit and Hamig seem to stare at me giving me a “really” look.

We went out again to the desert lands all together can came across a mage of Liad’s who in great, great detail explained these spell Liad himself created. It has caught our magic-users’ attentions very much. The mages seem content and happy with their acquired spells until I get approach by Rika saying she needs my help with a pastry vendor for her favor. It seemed she really wanted that spell, she usually doesn’t ask for my help like this. I agreed and went to the vendor, and bought what she needed along with some pastries for us. That look on her face when I gave her the danish, it was quite a rare sight to behold. I don’t think I could forget that.

We returned and have been informed that we were invited to a party on this land’s prince’s honor. But we did have time until then, so Creena wanted to go get some holy crackers. Hamig turned to me and asked which one of us are going to go with her. After a decisive game, I prevailed and he had to accompany her to a temple. Then I see Rika and Kitty going on their own, saying they needed some new clothes. I sighed and decided to come along thinking she may anger that vendor as well… I think we both lost this game at this point. I was having to hold all these clothes she grabbed then put me in an awkward position about which dress she wants… I had no idea… I just said why not both and she agreed and bought all the clothes she chose, but having me to carry them. She gave me another rare bubbly smile. It is still weird.

At last it is party time and now everyone is dressed up. It is a very nice party. We are all guests for letting him know his brother is safe and sound. As a gift, he has given us all a favor for whatever we wish. I had to think about what I want now. And then retired as everyone was being merry and dancing away. Baux seemed to be showing up everyone on the dance floor. Then Rika asks me if I wanted to. And then Baux comes over and pushes me to her, making my answer very clear.

Hamig and Rika noticed that he was very frail health. Brenna wanted to help too. I agreed as well since he was such a great host to us and welcomed us with opened arms. After meeting with him in private, It seems we also have been tasked by this gracious prince to acquire this Drought of the Lilac Tears that’s in the second continent. He is a great guy and from what he says, I don’t want his son to go without a father so soon. I will find this drought and bring it to him. Thankfully it does not interfere with our task for Lobo.

Now we are in the jungle… Man, it is so hot… But I need to brace myself for such conditions, I am exploring the lands on the ports. Then this Emerald Tiger hide caught my eye. It looks very nice. I may have to get someone to fashion this into a cloak. I could make me even more inspiring. And so I bought the hide and now Fearless leader now needs a tailor or something to fix this.

Sword Concept: Moonbite
Recorded for not forgettings

Short sword, in the gladius style, crafted from Starmetal alloyed with Krondorian Steel and some silver, with Ironwood inlay permanently melded to the steel. Inlay will be knotwork Wolves in vines, trailing to the ironwood handle with the tang forming the pommel. Perhaps enchanted to allow the user to cast Moonbeam once a day.

I will keep eye out in this land for suitable wood, otherwise will find when home. May need druid for shaping properly.

I will call it Moonbite.


Is good plan.

Oh, we had party, found Prince is sick, and will seek cure in strange, humid jungle lands of second continent.

Also, Baux found out not to try to outbid leader. And found new spear sword. And new short sword, good for jungle.

And have TWO new spell, Firebreath and Liad Spell for Punching. Is not name, am just tired.

I sleep now. not want forget sword.


Hammig rubbed his knuckles as they cruised back to port to meet up with Lobo and distribute their loot. Punching Naga to death was hard work, even for a seasoned adventurer, blacksmith, and and punchy-guy like himself. His hammer stood next to him, having been entirely unused during the last confrontation. The big man hated not being able to wield it, but well knew the danger involved had he brought his holy weapon to play.

He sighed and stretched out on his hammock, Hammer of Kohsooth in easy reach. Maybe the next adventure they go on, he’ll be able to use glorious holy flames to fight, and not have to worry about accidentally exploding his whole party.

“Bah, whatever. At least now hi kyan finish my hyelmut. Next stop: Home.”

“So, we’re gonna need you to run over to Olympia, and then head to the second continent.”

I knew it. Hammig thought.

Knew what? The second voice was a new one, and in a language possibly only two people in the room understood — Hammig considered that a moment before allowing that Lobo probably could speak it if he wanted to. Gods and all. — belonging to the sword that hung at his left hip. Whether it had a soul or not, Hammig didn’t know, but it was intelligent, and made him the smarter for wielding it. It’s exact twin hung at Drace’s hip.

Knew ve veren’t going to get straight home. Alvays a ketch, you see.

“…and Billy’s armor!”


Well, can’t you eat goats? Hammig shuddered at the thought and began to explain why eating the Kender’s goat would be a monumentally bad idea.

(fuckit, player’s going to bed.)

A conversation with a goat.

Creena: Billy! We have a new adventure (Kender bounces into the stable holding the War Ram)
Billy the war goat: Eyes the kender, absently drops the hay he was noisily chewing as she appears
Creena: This is the bestest adventure ever!! You are going to get new armor just like mine (Creena spins around showing her newly enhanced turtle shell armor)
Billy the war goat: Baaahh!! (Nibbles on the kenders pouch that smells like crackers.)
Creena: Exactly! My new armor lets me talk turtle, and your new armor will let you speak turtle, so soon we can talk turtle together!! The blacksmiths, and Liad and even Lobo, they promised, cross their hearts and eyes!
(Scratches Billy behind the ears, and feeds him a holy cracker (because the holy ones taste better!))
Billy the War Goat: (Loud munching sounds)
Creena: But first, I have to find a turtle shell, which means we have a mission, and we get to go on a gnomish ship, and see a dwarf, and maybe even talk to dolphins !!
Billy the War Goat: (finishes the cracker, and is seeking more) Baahh?

Welcoming Sky
Glad to see the sun again

It was frustrating hearing all the clashing, but being unable to actually be effective in battle… But I am glad everyone survived. I was just up here, watching the events unfold like one of those uppity ranked officers… I should have joined the fray…

Ah… Mission accomplished. We got the goods and the mysterious box to Lobo. Now we are getting these goods sorted and given to everyone. I was given this Sunblade. Pretty fancy. I bet Hamig can’t handle this flame.

Now after dealing with this ordeal… I should consider getting some armor that protects me from lightning attacks… And for everyone else wearing armor… those really hurt

Hm… I feel like I should create a special piece of art… I will spend some time alone creating it. Hope no one comes in as I am creating it….

It's been too long
Brenna's letters home

Myrna, Rod, and Uncle Yarp,

I know, it’s been too long since I wrote last, that curse Ciara often mentions about life being interesting, well, it is that. By now I am sure you have heard strange mutterings – if someone involved hasn’t told you directly yet of some of my recent… adventures.

Not sure exactly where to begin, so guess I will begin where we last left off.

During the defense of Olympia, I was infected by a dwarven vampire controlled by bitch dragon queen. It’s ok, I got better. Was offered a chance to become a full vampire, by Ciara’s friends Gwen and Daniel, but politely declined. I simply could not imagine the bizarre dynamics of being the vampire in the family. With help from Alizar, and a long ceremony, was mostly cured, and no longer have a thirst for blood.

While still in Olympia, we got hired to investigate a cave that suddenly opened up, and that several people had dissappeared into. Spent several days in there, and the team befriended a Biatsu, this Biatsu happened to be the one we had promised to deliver a message to for someone ages before. Drace and Hammig are delighted, our new friend is a blacksmith, so they are learning new and I’m told exciting things.

With their help, made new armor, think Ciara would be pleased, it’s mainly fine leatherwork in dragonhide.

After the Biatsu adventure, I finally got to seek an animal companion, a dire wolf, Warl, answered my call. We are training regularly, and learning to work together. Incredibly excited to have such a great partner now in this adventure.

Running out of parchment, so will close the letter for now.

With love always,

Our tactful plan.
Waiting sucks!

Well… this in an interesting position. Hamig says this is advantageous for us, but I am not sure… I feel like I should have join the strike party. Norma has been informing me and Baux about how they are progressing. So far so good, until they reached the final check point. Hamig’s idea of using darkness and I believe silence… I couldn’t hear anything that far, was a double edged sword. But Norma tells us that Rika was actually being combat effective with her scythe. …kind of makes me want to try that out.

Man, that Medusa seem very pissed off, the grunts seem a bit intimidated by her… and this room of Naga seem ready for anything. Our plan must work… I wonder if I can make myself a distraction Let them focus on me as the strike party makes their moves. I hope I can draw their attacks to me.

Well… Norma say they reach the area. Let’s hope this plan works and we can get as many people safe and sound.

Of Fireballs and 'Sneaky'

So… Recent events have made the thinking: When trying to be sneaky-sneak, fire mage is hard. You want burn people to death? You canst, for they are the screaming.

Fireball? Loud kaboom, wake whole castle.

Heat metal? More screaming.

Is shame, I like fire spell. But then, I have idea.

I cast silence, then I cast explosion, and now is silent of dying, no more unstealthy. So now, I have plan.

I will combine Silence and Fireball, and have Hammig’s Silent Fireball. Standard 1d6 damage per level, but non-verbal casting, silent in flight, and silences the 20ft blast radius for 1d4 round. Is will be new favoriting spell.

Da. Is good.

Of course, must finish killing Naga, retrieve treasure, make trade with gnome, go to surface, loose most of treasure to agreement made by someone not in charge of party, and go home and make helmet, but idea I have. Is good.

“The Kysely Clan”
by Zyvik Mucanth

The Ven vs. The Bas
Unlike in Dunbar or even in other Indopanese clans, Kysely women cannot hold power or ruling title. Noble women then seek power through inter-marrying and education or religion. Political and military power is considered ven – a man’s prerogative while those skills that require mental aptitude and understanding are considered bas— a woman’s nature. Ven traits also include: strength, courage, patriotism and brutality. A true bas woman is cunning, beautiful, poised, and manipulative. Notable Vens include the late Duke Boris the Brutal, Zyk the Cruel, and current duke, Vergo Kysely. Notable Vens include the former Duchess Maximilia Veluska and the sitting Mage Councilor of Myrkul, Senma Milokavik. A noble Bas woman who do not excel in the sciences and arts will, by default, seek as many Vens that she can to increase her chance of placing herself into the greatest place of power. The late Maria Kysely, was said to have had as many as fifty lovers until she married the infamous Duke Vergo. It is also important to note that many of these lovers were said to have lived short lives. She also fulfilled her place of power, by dying during the birth of her youngest child; a tragic if not poetic end for a classic bas.
Pado and Meida
Families of the clan are very large and often consist of many children. Noble families are encouraged to reproduce quite rapidly as power is held from as many marriage contracts as possible. It is unfortunate, that unlike Krondor and Dunbar, Clan Kysely has earned its reputation of in-breeding since most family trees have become tangled. It is common that outisde the immediate family unit there are people that are usually referred to as Pado — a father, uncle, or older brother figure or Meida – a mother, aunt, or older sister figure. These individuals may or may not be relatives, but hold a particular influence within the family unit.


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