Fighter, Irda


Birth name: Corky
Height: 8’6"
Weight: Undisclosed
Hair: Lavender
Eyes: Blue
Gender: Female
Sex: Female


Kitty was the product of an ogre raid on a human farm. Her mother, Isabella, was the young daughter of the farmer, and though brutally injured from the attack delivered her healthy and hefty son. Kitty was then, known as Corky, and had only a face a mother could love. Isabella took care of Corky as best he could, allowing her “gentleman friends” to teach the child how to hunt and fish. The young half ogre enjoyed the attention; especially the “special hugs” the men provided. Isabella realized that not only was Corky never going to be accepted as a half ogre, much less the fact Corky never felt comfortable as a boy.

Corky took the name Kitty while traveling with a band of young adventurers, after, because of her size, was left to guard the group loot or “kitty”. Since that group she has also assisted Olympia’s Thieves Guild as a bruiser for hire. During her early adventuring, she adopted the crest of a white Gerber daisy on a field of green. She wears this proudly in woven chain mail.

Kitty now spends her time in the service of Necromancer, Osrika von Kysely, as bodyguard, and travels with the Fire and Steel Brigade. She greatly enjoys the acceptance within the Brigade, and would give them her life without a thought.

In her travels, she made the a pact with infamous mage, Richard of Olympia, also known as the Dick. In this exchange, she was magically transformed into an Irda woman: tall, voluptuous, and blue.


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