Hammig of Krondor

Blacksmithing, Brew-making, Firestarting Holyman


Hammig – Lawful Neutral
6’3" / 212lbs

STR: 17
DEX: 14
CON: 15
INT: 16 / 17 with the Ancient Sword
WIS: 18
CHA: 13

As big, tough, and strong as the Bear upon his standard, the Krondorian Cleric and Blacksmith wears armor fitting of his station as an Avatar-in-Progress of his god Kossuth. A shining steel breastplate, burnished bronze, a studded leather kilt, and a half helm, all heavily bedecked with the Eternal Flame. Scarred from a life of combat and smithing. His red beard is braided reminiscent of the style of the Mountain Dwarves, while his hair is shorn close to better fit his helm. Wears enchanted rings upon three fingers (one each). Typically seen carrying his holy weapon and symbol, The Holy Hammer of the Eternal Flames of Kossuth (A.K.A.: The Hammer).


Born in Krondor, Hammig quickly found himself within the halls of a temple of Kossuth. His devotion to the eternal flame led him to blacksmithing, brewing, and offensive magics, and earned him the attention of those above him. Jealous and fearful of his potential, the reigning clerics cast him out, and Hammig, in true Kossuthan fashion, has sworn holy vengeance upon the fools.

Sadly, vengeance takes a long time to warm up. He left Krondor, eventually winding up helping the Dunbarian war-effort as a blacksmith, forging weapons and armor for the front-line troops, more often than not from the front line. While initially met with suspicion, his affable ways and contribution to the war effort helped him find a place among the Dunbarians, and he has happily continued his stay.

After the war, faced with the prospect of helping rebuild or finding a way to start more fires, the Cleric moved on to adventuring. He joined up with Brenna, one of the legendary heroine Ciarra’s sister’s, the halfling ‘ranger’ Nate Troublemaker, the unnerving Osrika, Cleric of Myrkel, a mage, and most amazingly a Kender. Together they burned things down, reattached the Kender’s arm, and took over a forest keep after the goblins or briggands had been eliminated.

His lineup of friends has changed somewhat, but his long term goal hasn’t. He is one secret away from forging the ultimate holy weapon to honor his god. When it is complete, he will make his return to Krondor, and ignite a fire so bright and hot as to be seen from the third continent.

Hammig of Krondor

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