The Wanderings of the Brigade of Fire and Steel

Welcoming Sky

Glad to see the sun again

It was frustrating hearing all the clashing, but being unable to actually be effective in battle… But I am glad everyone survived. I was just up here, watching the events unfold like one of those uppity ranked officers… I should have joined the fray…

Ah… Mission accomplished. We got the goods and the mysterious box to Lobo. Now we are getting these goods sorted and given to everyone. I was given this Sunblade. Pretty fancy. I bet Hamig can’t handle this flame.

Now after dealing with this ordeal… I should consider getting some armor that protects me from lightning attacks… And for everyone else wearing armor… those really hurt

Hm… I feel like I should create a special piece of art… I will spend some time alone creating it. Hope no one comes in as I am creating it….



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