The Wanderings of the Brigade of Fire and Steel

Sword Concept: Moonbite

Recorded for not forgettings

Short sword, in the gladius style, crafted from Starmetal alloyed with Krondorian Steel and some silver, with Ironwood inlay permanently melded to the steel. Inlay will be knotwork Wolves in vines, trailing to the ironwood handle with the tang forming the pommel. Perhaps enchanted to allow the user to cast Moonbeam once a day.

I will keep eye out in this land for suitable wood, otherwise will find when home. May need druid for shaping properly.

I will call it Moonbite.


Is good plan.

Oh, we had party, found Prince is sick, and will seek cure in strange, humid jungle lands of second continent.

Also, Baux found out not to try to outbid leader. And found new spear sword. And new short sword, good for jungle.

And have TWO new spell, Firebreath and Liad Spell for Punching. Is not name, am just tired.

I sleep now. not want forget sword.



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