The Wanderings of the Brigade of Fire and Steel


The second/first continent makes me feel ranger-y, at least where we are now. It’s very forested, not so disimilar from our keep. Anyway, we’re only a week or so away from our first job here. Hammig is on the trail like a hooked fish, of course he’s going to the giant pillar of eternal flame. Whatever.

But there’s pixies here, they sound interesting.

Ran into some gnolls too. Well armed. Not as good as us, but they were okay. I talked to them, they were cheap, so we paid ’em off ’cause I spoke their language. Pfft, see Kurtwood manage that shit? As if.

Anyway, we’re going through the probably haunted forest but so far all we got is bugbears. They’re dead, and it’s my turn on watch now.

Oh, and I might’ve accidentally hit our main healer with a vampiric axe, but it’s okay. I gave her life back. I’m nice like that, part of being as awesome as I am.

Anyway, I spotted a good tree off from the tent, so I’m gonna settle in up there once I get my armor back on. Too bad there’s no snow or anything, still, good luck on those dumbass bugbears seein’ a ranger in a tree.

Idiots. Whatever. If they come back I’ll just kill the rest.



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