The Wanderings of the Brigade of Fire and Steel

A conversation with a goat.

Creena: Billy! We have a new adventure (Kender bounces into the stable holding the War Ram)
Billy the war goat: Eyes the kender, absently drops the hay he was noisily chewing as she appears
Creena: This is the bestest adventure ever!! You are going to get new armor just like mine (Creena spins around showing her newly enhanced turtle shell armor)
Billy the war goat: Baaahh!! (Nibbles on the kenders pouch that smells like crackers.)
Creena: Exactly! My new armor lets me talk turtle, and your new armor will let you speak turtle, so soon we can talk turtle together!! The blacksmiths, and Liad and even Lobo, they promised, cross their hearts and eyes!
(Scratches Billy behind the ears, and feeds him a holy cracker (because the holy ones taste better!))
Billy the War Goat: (Loud munching sounds)
Creena: But first, I have to find a turtle shell, which means we have a mission, and we get to go on a gnomish ship, and see a dwarf, and maybe even talk to dolphins !!
Billy the War Goat: (finishes the cracker, and is seeking more) Baahh?



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