The current Brigade members reside within Dragonforge Keep, a forest fortress reclaimed from an abandoned and Bugbear infested status. They are the leader Drace of the Shining Armor, the Burning Cleric Hammig, Osrika the Cleric of Death, the Ranger Brenna of Ciarrancere, Kryna the Kender, and Nate the Halfling Ranger. Within the walls of their keep, Drace and Hammig tend to the new Dwarven forge as Master Weapon, Armor, and Blacksmiths, on their way to mastering Starmetal, and training in the art of engineering. Together, they and the others at the forge provide weapons and armor for the training camp started by Lord Greggor.

Osrika and Kryna together practice alchemy within the (isolated and heavily reinforced) alchemy tower, while Osrika also acts (to a grudging degree) as the towns Healer.

Brenna and Nate handle the forest around the Dragonforge Keep, ensuring a balance between the needs of the villagers, the defensive needs of the Keep, and protecting the forest from over-hunting and over-logging. Secondarily, they also maintain watch for signs of encroaching monsters.

The Wanderings of the Brigade of Fire and Steel

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